• Artificial Intelligence:

    The Future of Business



    Silicon Valley Executive Briefing

  • What is it?


    AI technology is transforming industries, reinventing business processes and reimagining business models. Unlock the opportunities and explore AI applications for your business. Discover the trends and get practical insights.

    What is Executive Briefing?


    A one-day event featuring presentations (20 min each) from the CEOs of 20 disruptive startups in AI technology to brief the executive participants on the latest AI trends and help them discover applications of AI to their business.


    April 27th 2017 (Thursday) 8 am - 6 pm


    Silicon Valley Innovation Center HQ

    1850 Gateway Drive, Suite 150, 94404, San Mateo, CA

    What do I get?

    • Presentations of top disruptors and innovative companies in AI technology;
    • Expert insights and discussions of most challenging aspects of AI;
    • Evaluation of the cutting-edge products and services in AI;
    • Meaningful dialogue about the future of AI and its transformational impact on your industry; 
    • Personal connections with like-minded innovative leaders and technology pioneers; 
    • Opportunity to build an action plan for integrating AI technology into your business.

    Who do I meet?

    • 20 Disruptive startups and leaders of innovation in AI
    • Experts in AI technology and keynote speakers
    • CEOs, Chief Innovation Officers of global companies
    • Corporate Investment Managers
    • CXOs of Strategy, Technology, Product Planning & R&D
  • Presenting Companies:

    Meet top innovators and disruptors in AI from Silicon Valley!

  • Andrey Kunov PhD, CEO at SVI

    Keynote Speaker

    SVIC was created to help global corporations better understand disruptive technologies and emerging trends.



    Andy Zhulenev, VP SVIC


    SVIC was created to help global corporations better understand disruptive technologies and emerging trends.

  • Jon Su, CEO


    A deep-learning based computer vision platform to solve real problems directly on compute-constrained embedded devices.




    Raj Neervannan, CTO, Co-founder


    Apha-Sense is a revolutionary, award-winning search engine that helps you to instantly cut through the noise and uncover critical data points that others miss.


    Montse Medina,Co-founder and CEO


    Jetlore is the leading AI-powered prediction platform for the world’s top retailers and beyond. Jetlore’s prediction platform powers top-tier omni-channel companies, global online retailers, and leading B2C brands like eBay, PayPal, Uniqlo and Nordstrom Rack to deliver AI-powered customer experiences to maximize online revenue.

    Ken So, Co-founder


    Flowcast is a fintech startup helping to improve companies’ cash flow using AI and machine learning. We have developed a smart algorithm to dramatically improve the underwriting quality of trade finance that is performance-based.


  • Mark Torrance, CTO


    Rocket Fuel is a full Programmatic Marketing Platform designed to go beyond 1:1 marketing by learning to predict what marketing actions to take with a particular person in a particular moment of time.

    Uli Gal-Oz,VP Business Development


    Magisto is the first AI Powered Video Creation Platform providing end-to-end creation, distribution and insights of consumer and business videos. While our 90million consumer users create family, travel and food videos, our 24,000 business customers create videos for content marketing and advertisement to be distributed on major social platforms.

    John Axerio-Cilies, COO, Founder


    Deep-learning based computer vision platform that offers an autonomous control for unmanned aerial vehicles.





    Michael Lock, CEO


    SaaS predictive analytics platform designed to supercharge how enterprises make critical revenue decisions.




  • Cirrus Shakeri, Ph.D., Chief AI Architect


    Artificial intelligence and augmented reality based company, that aims to build AI software technologies to support personal and social intelligence via smartphones and robotics.




    John Bara, CEO,
    Tal Segalov, CTO


    Mintigo delivers intelligent customer engagement powered by predictive analytics and AI for enterprise marketing and sales. Mintigo’s predictive marketing and sales platform powered by AI helps enterprise marketing and sales teams use data and intelligence to find buyers faster.

    Azita Martin, CMO


    Maana is a Knowledge Platform used by the largest industrial companies in the world to accelerate digital transformation. Maana turns human expertise and data into digital knowledge for employees to make better and faster decisions.

    Ivan Bercovich, VP of Engineering


    A semantic technology company that delivers contextually-rich visualizations to put data into context for researchers, journalists and enterprise.





    Tashfeen Suleman, CEO


    A platform that leverages the latest clinical algorithms, machine learning technology,
    advanced natural language processing, and a proprietary clinical contextual ontology to
    improve clinical outcomes and lower cost.

    Robert Zhe Zhang, Co-Founder & President


    CloudMinds was founded in 2015 with the three elements of many successful start-ups: a bold vision, creative people, and encouraging financial support.The vision is that by 2025 helpful humanoid robots will be affordable for the average household.


    Stas Tushinskiy, CEO


    goA digital audio platform that is built with the purpose of serving ads quickly and reliably to advertisers and publishers. Allows to monitor activity across all publishers in real time.





    Alex Babin, CEO


    A.I. powered email solution for law practice and financial services markets.







  • Diane Wu, Co-founder


    Trace Genomics is a genomics and machine learning company that delivers predictive consumer genetic tests for agriculture. Their genetic test for soil profiles beneficial, pathogenic, and commensal microbes that impact crop health.



    Srini Vinnakota, VP of Product


    Avaamo is a venture funded enterprise software company. Our mission is to reinvent the way we communicate, transact and get work done using artificial intelligence.

    Pavel Cherkashin,Managing Partner


    GVA Capital is a VC firm with the focus on Fintech, Artificial Intelligence, Neural Networks, Cloud Storage, Space and Big Data projects. Located in the heart of San Francisco, GVA Capital provides companies with all the necessary resources and connections, helping to grow their business.

    Christopher Mohritz, Founder


    Christopher Mohritz is a lifelong entrepreneur, technologist and business adviser; bringing a unique blend of technology know-how coupled with creative thinking and business acumen to each of his endeavors.




  • Schedule

    April 27th, 8 am - 6 pm, 1850 Gateway Drive, Suite 150, 94404, San Mateo

    Business Breakfast + Registration

    8.00 am - 9.00 am

    Register, have a cup of coffee and get ready for an exciting day!

    The Future of Business With AI

    9.00 am - 10.00 am

    You will hear a perspective about the state of Artificial Intelligence today and what to expect in the next five years.

    SVIC, Neferology Group

    AI Applications For Knowledge Management

    10.00 am – 12​.00 pm

    Learn about AI applications for Knowledge Management, Robotics and as Personal Assistants.

    Alphasense, Maana, Graphiq, inboxzeromail, AI Brain, Instreamatic, Graphiq

    Lunch & Networking

    12.00 pm – 12:40 pm​

    Have a short break, enjoy food and discuss your first impressions with other participants.

    Development Platforms For Building AI Applications

    12:40 pm – 2:20 pm​

    Learn about AI developer platfroms and computer vision capabilities available for creating industry specific applications.

    Pilot AI Labs, Jetlore, Mintigo, Orbital Insight, Flowcast

    Reimagining Healthcare With AI

    2.20 pm – 3.40 ​pm​

    Learn about AI use in Healthcare industry to improve the accuracy of medical diagnosis and selecting a treatment.

    Trace Genomics, Arterys, Cloudmedxhealth

    How To Introduce AI Into Marketing and Sales

    4.00 pm – 5.20 ​pm​

    Panel Discussion on Sales & Marketing. Engage in a dialogue about the changing Marketing and Advertizing landscape triggered by AI technology.

    Aviso, Qurious, RocketFluel, WeCash

    Closing Panel Discussion

    5.20 pm – 6.00 ​pm​

    Networking + Drinks

    6.00 pm - 7.30 pm​

    Enjoy drinks, join insightful dialogue and make one step forward to the innovative future.

    Don't miss this chance to prepare your company for AI disruption!

  • About Silicon Valley Innovation Center:


    Silicon Valley Innovation Center (SVIC) is a leading organizer of thought leadership events in the United States. We help corporations identify and understand the latest technology innovations and re-ignite corporate innovation programs by engaging with industry disrupting startups.

    SVIC brings together the best elements of the innovation ecosystem in the Silicon Valley - industry experts, leading tech corporations, disruptive startups, business incubators, R&D centers, venture capital firms, angel investors, service providers, government agencies, and progressive universities.

    A message from SVIC CEO Andrey Kunov

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