Visit and Learn From Top Innovation Labs

    of Silicon Valley

    April 17th, 2017

  • What Is This Innovation Tour About?

    A unique opportunity to visit 3 top innovation labs, experience the culture of the world famous companies and learn best practices in corporate innovation from those who do it best.

    All in just 1 day.

    Company Visits

    Experience innovation culture of Silicon Valley

    Visit 3 Silicon Valley innovation labs and meet with visionary corporate innovation experts from the front lines of creating best practices for accelerating innovation.

    Inspirational Insights

    Become an agent of change at your company

    Get inspired and get practical tips to become an agent of change within your organization. Learn to lead, promote and sustain the innovation agenda.

    Business Opportunities

    Open pathways for new business aliances

    Explore potential business opportunities. Finding great ideas to partner and collaborate with Silicon Valley is a typical outcome of a program like this one.

  • Who Will I Meet?


    Digital Revolution: Winners and Losers


    9.00 am - 10.00 am

    The Introductory Briefing will start at the office of the Silicon Valley Innovation Center in San Mateo. Hear about the trends and challenges of corporate innovation, the most powerful stories of corporate innovation acceleration & incubation in Silicon Valley companies.

    You will visit one of the following companies: (Fortune 500 startups: SAP, Google, Facebook, Oracle, Cisco).

    From Search Engine to Disrupting 15+ Industries

    Visit Google

    11.00 am - 12.30 pm​

    Find out how Google is maximizing the advantages of the digital technologies and embeds "digital first" thinking into its strategies. What are the major principles and techniques of innovation incubation inside a company? How does one to create and develop corporate start-ups? You will get all the answers first-hand from the insiders.

    How Cisco is Leading Digital Transformation

    Visit Cisco Innovation Lab

    1.30 pm - 3.00 pm​

    Hear from the digital transformation leaders on Cisco's approach to digital transformation. By automating business processes and quantifying the cost of delivery service to ensure accountability for each unit, hear about what business outcomes this effort brings.

    Best Practices For Setting Up An Innovation Lab

    Visit Mercedes-Benz Silicon Valley Innovation Lab

    3.30 pm - 5.00 pm

    Visit one of the first Silicon Valley innovation Outposts. Discuss how MBRDNA, established in 2002 as an innovation lab, with key areas of Advanced Interaction Design, Digital User Experience, Machine Learning, Autonomous Driving, Customer Research and Business Innovation, advances the corporate innovation agenda.

    Bring It All Home: How To Turn Disruption Threats Into Innovation Opportunities

    Presentation at SVIC

    5.30 p​m - 7.00 pm​

    Emerging technologies present unique challenges and opportunities for business growth of established companies. In this new world, the key to success for incumbent players is their ability to turn disruptive threats into innovation opportunities. How should established companies leverage new technologies into a strategic competitive advantage? Using real-life examples of Silicon Valley companies, we’ll discuss emerging strategies and frameworks for successful corporate innovation.​

  • Why Should I Join?


    Experiential Learning

    Immerse yourself in Silicon Valley and see the power of innovation culture in action through company visits, meetings, speaker panels and practical workshops. You will learn from real-life success stories and epic failures through case studies.

    Exclusive Networking

    Connect face to face with Silicon Valley startup founders, top executives, and innovators. Take your career and your company to the next level by creating meaningful connections with new partners.




    Discover hidden strategies and ideas on how to bring disruptive innovation to your company and replicate Silicon Valley scenarios to boost your business. Explore the innovative culture of Silicon Valley companies and learn their best practices.



    Get to know the most innovative companies, discover powerful new ideas in corporate innovation by interacting with top-level experts in corporate innovation and Silicon Valley insiders.

    Consulting Opportunities

    Use this opportunity to discuss your company’s challenges and experiences with our experts, ask questions, get a professional consultation or some practical advice after the sessions.



    We’ll take you on the most amazing educational experience of your life. Powerful, insightful presentations, engaging speakers, and insiders experiences will make you witness the future today.

  • What Are The Details?

    Be ready for an amazing experience and new business opportunities

    Where: The tour starts and ends at 1850 Gateway Drive, Suite #150, San Mateo, CA
    When: April 17th, from 8.30 am till 7.00 pm 10 hours Intensive Program.
    What’s included: Briefing, Company Visits,Transportation, Lunch.
    Price: $ 900 Regular Price, $1050 Late Bird Price

  • About Silicon Valley Innovation Center

    Helping Companies Grow And Innovate By Connecting Them With Disruptive Technologies And Emerging Trends​


    Since 2012, Silicon Valley Innovation Center (SVIC) has been empowering senior-level executive leaders from around the world to uncover business growth opportunities behind the threats of disruptive technologies.
    We provide expertise in the business impact of disruptive technologies by creating exclusive executive management programs, cutting-edge thought leadership summits, and breakthrough corporate innovation acceleration programs. We have organized hundreds of study tours and executive education programs for corporate executives, business owners, board members of multi-billion dollar corporations and government leaders in Silicon Valley and beyond.
    For more information go to www.siliconvalley.center


  • Contact Us

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    Mon - Fri, 10 am - 5 pm, PST time
    + 1(650) 274-0214

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